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One core is hard to find! How to look at the investment opportunities of chips?
Smart phones, telecommuting, smart cars… Our work life is becoming more and more intelligent, making more and more industries are facing a “core” hard to find! It is reported that in 2021, the semiconductor industry chain will be upgraded, TSMC will be full of production capacity, 8-inch wafer OEM will be in short supply, and semiconductors are experiencing a historical shortage. In this context, what are the changes in the investment logic of the chip industry, and how do we view the investment opportunities of the chip industry? Recently, Wu Yudi, researcher of Wanjia fund TMT, came to Wanjia studio to share the chip investment logic with netizens face to face in simple terms. The following is the dry goods of the text version. Come and have a look! As for the “core shortage” of automobiles, the current global automobile core shortage is very serious, and the research institutions even predict that the global automobile production will decrease by 3.9 million this year