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Russian officials revealed that significant progress has been made in Iran's nuclear talks, and international oil prices have plummeted
The progress of Iran’s nuclear talks has continued to affect the oil market. In the early hours of Beijing time, Russian diplomats revealed that Iran’s nuclear talks had made significant progress, which triggered a short-term plunge in oil prices. BBC reporter Kasra Naji tweeted: “Mikhail ulyanov, Russia’s special envoy for nuclear talks, told me that the talks have made significant progress and that important news may be released tomorrow (19th)”( Source: social media) stimulated by the news, international oil prices once fell more than 3%. As of press release, WTI crude oil and Brent crude oil futures rebounded, but still fell more than 1%( Source: Investing) it should be noted that if the United States and Iran reach a nuclear agreement, the lifting of U.S. sanctions against Iraq also means that there will be more new supplies in the market