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Sagano challenges medical drama for the first time and takes part in new drama Tokyo mer
Sina entertainment news according to Japanese media reports, Suzuki Liangping starred in the Japanese drama “tokyomer ~ mobile emergency room ~” announced the addition of actors, Ishida baihezi as the governor, sagano yongdou for the first time challenge medical drama as a clinical engineering technician. The play is written by Mian Heiyan, who created dangerous Venus and other works, directed by Choi Matsumoto, who directed the ship of Theseus, and Junichi Hirano, who directed inhand. It tells the story of the emergency team tokyomer rushing to the scene of major accidents, disasters and incidents to rescue the injured. Previously announced actors include Suzuki Liangping, who plays team leader and emergency doctor in the play. He Laixian plays Yin Yushang, who was sent to tokyomer by the Ministry of health, welfare and labor, and Zhongtiao Caiwei, who plays circulatory surgery and tokyomer