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Yinhua Fund Bo Guanhui: strive for in-depth research
In the eyes of Bo Guanhui, the proposed fund manager of Yinhua alpha hybrid fund, value investment does not pursue “existing”, but pursues “not only to create real profits, but also to see distant growth”. To achieve the ultimate value investment, it is necessary to accurately grasp the growth factors of the enterprise. When these growth factors are all reflected in the statements, it is the peak of the stock, and it is natural to choose the right time. It is the “hard work” of in-depth research that makes value investment to the extreme. Bo Guanhui, a “national consumption expert” and Wang Hao, a “science and technology rookie” with 16 years of research experience in the field of consumption, are “Warriors” with hard work. They pursue the depth of understanding of the industry and the company and the accuracy of grasping the growth factors of the company. In the volatile market full of uncertainty, they will work together to screen through in-depth research