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Comment: can the apology letter offset everything?
Xun Chao, Li Yuxin, Liu Kexin recently, the milk tea brand represented by Ma Yili was involved in fraud, which caused a lot of discussion. Although Ma Yili studio soon issued a statement on the suspected crime of endorsing the brand, saying that it had immediately put forward a notice of termination with the brand and apologized to the majority of consumers and franchisees, many netizens didn’t buy it. Star endorsement brand repeatedly, stars with high endorsement fees, with an apology letter can really offset everything? Who should protect the interests of the victims who join the brand and buy products because they trust the stars? In addition to the problem of Ma Yili’s endorsement of the brand, recently, due to false publicity, the relevant departments fined 200000 yuan for xiaoxiandun, the wanghong bird’s nest brand, which was endorsed by artists Zhang Ziyi and Chen Shu. In addition, financial products have become the focus of the market